Zyer Music App Public Slidedeck

The public slidedeck created for Zyer was designed to be explain their goals for their music share app without disclosing sensitive information like the pitchdeck did, which we also created describing their business strategy to investors.

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Bullet Cable Package Design

Bullet Cable DIY Connector Workstation

Bullet Cable was launched in 2004 with a retro-style coil cable in black as its only product in the line. After it appeared a few months later on “Saturday Night Live” plugged into the guitar of famed rock-legend, Prince, the Bullet Cable grew to a line that contained more than 90 products and was sold in 14 countries around the world in 2013.

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Advertising Direction for Various Music Accessories

Core One Print Advertising 2004-2006

Core One was a music accessories company that created and promoted six product lines that sold through big box stores like Guitar Center and in 14 countries around the world. The goal of print advertising was to define the company as a whole as well as to give a branding direction for each of the product lines. Advertising appeared in Revolver, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Alternative Press, and industry trade magazines.

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